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Human perception is imprecise. Even though humans have the ability to grasp the general characteristics of objects, accurate details are often impossible to determine through our senses alone. This is where the use of measuring devices becomes necessary.

Measuring devices can help us get an accurate understanding of the size, scale, conditions, and properties of objects. Measuring devices make it possible for us to determine constituent amounts of objects of microscopic scale much too small for our human senses to perceive. The objects being measured can be analyzed instantly and accurately, and the answers to our queries can be displayed in an easy-to-read format. This capability makes it possible for us to maintain and manage quality, improve safety and economic efficiency, and perform fair business practices and transactions.

Kett measuring devices are indispensable pieces of equipment that reliably perform important jobs in all fields in which accuracy and precision are important. Many Kett products have been adopted as standard measuring devices in Japan and are being used in a wide range of fields. We like to think of our measuring devices as "extensions of the 5 human senses" and continue to strive in our efforts to provide reliable products for all measuring requirements.






 Professional Staff of KKInstruments - We help you measure with confidence with original products from well known factories around the world!

Our Mission:

To sincerely help users, process engineers, get the testers they need in the most honest way.

Our Commiment:

To deliver only high quality, genuine/original electronic & non-electronic test equipment to you.

Customer Service Commitment:

Make sure all customers are happy after buying from us. Make sure customers' complaints are to be avoided at all time. Should a complaint occur, it should be looked into very seriously and thoroughly. Our customer service reps must be friendly and helpful. Since September 2007, all orders will go through SURESafe QC PRODUCT INSPECTION.

Our Range Of Services:

1.Offering advice based on our product knowledge and experience to assist our customers in finding the correct tester or meter.

2. Supply what our customer wants to buy in term of allowed budget, measurement needs.

3.Provide after-sales support includes SureKnow Training Package